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As a creative branding and advertising agency, we produce compellingly influential media tailored for both broadcast and social web distribution. 

As a band of unfiltered artists and genuine storytellers, we create dynamically personified messaging in order to connect our clients to theirs on a humanistic level.

Today, there is a plethora of tools and practices one must utilize in order to communicate their message to an audience. We choose to concentrate our efforts on the most important; the message. 

No amount of SEO can ever help tell a broken story. No website or social media campaign can ever genuinely communicate faulty messaging. However advanced or sophisticated these tools become, nothing trumps the significance of human connection; communicating and evoking emotion as a people, molecularly, not technologically.

That's where we excel. That's what we do.
And we're pretty good at it.

"He's producing videos with such vision and beauty and awe that they are capturing the heart of the city we love."

-Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearingen

"I can't say enough about how talented this guy is behind the camera! He knows his stuff and produces high quality work every time! Quality (10) Professionalism (10) Talent (10) Production (10) he has it all!"

“After seeing the work produced by The SCG Agency, I couldn't imagine asking anyone else to tell the story we needed to tell.”

"Their work brings visual storytelling to another level in that it organically evokes emotion and, in turn, deeper engagement. Lots of people strive to do this, myself included with some success, but it seems more innate in the creative team at SCG."

Let's work together, yeah?

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