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The SCG Agency is a strong supporter of freelance and student filmmakers. We were there once, and know what it's like to have your flowing creativity held back due to lack of equipment, resources, and, well, MONEY. Not everyone has good credit OR an extra $2,500 laying around to put down as a deposit. Had there been a place that made it EASY and CHEAP to rent professional-grade equipment in our early years, without doubt, our body of work would look much different.

That's why, in order to rent equipment through SCGRentals, you must meet the following requirements:

• Have a valid CA Driver's License or ID.
• Reside in Fresno County or surrounding areas.
• Currently be a student or freelance filmmaker with example work.
• NOT be affiliated with any established video production company, advertising or marketing agency.

If you're not a student and not quite freelancing just yet, you can apply for one of our SCGWorkshops in which you will:

• Be assessed in your level of photography/videography knowledge and experience.
• Be given resources such as documents, videos and online websites to help you gain such knowledge and experience. 
• Complete a crash course on the operation and proper handling of the equipment you wish to rent.

All of this can be done in as little as 5 minutes, is always to the discretion of the SCG staff member on site and is always FREE.

Simply mark the option "I would like to schedule an SCGWorkshop" while filling out the Rental Request form.

Rates vary (see below).

We offer DAILY and 3-DAY rental periods: 
• DAILY RENTAL equipment can be picked up by Noon on your scheduled rental date and is due back by Noon on your scheduled drop off date. 
• 3-DAY RENTAL equipment can be picked up by 11AM on your scheduled pickup date and is due back by 2PM on your scheduled drop off date. 
PAYMENT for all rentals is due at pickup.